groffstudio 0.13.1 · changes

the least bad (and only) IDE for groff

Q: What is it?

A: This is a graphical user interface for the GNU troff typesetting software.

Q: How does it look?

A: Not good yet. Mind to help?


Q: Why would I want to use this?

A: If you need to ask this, you probably don't.

Q: How can I get it?

A: Do you use Windows or macOS? Great: This website has a batteries-included precompiled package for you.

You don't? Just grab the source code from any of the repositories and compile it yourself. Lazarus has a simple button for that.

(I may have lied about the included batteries - groff is not included.)

Q: PDF export does not work, everything else does.

A: Chances are that pdfroff is not in your PATH. Check that on the command line.

If it is but it still does not work, it probably is a bug.

Q: Bugs?

A: Yes.

Q: This website is awful.

A: Your question is awful.